Voyage of BT

Back in ’95 I had a 2 hour car journey to make, wanted to get something different to pass the time. So I bought a double cassette mix tape, Paul Oakenfold, playing at Back to Basics in Leeds and I was blown away by the new style of house music playing. I needed to know more however it was nigh on impossible knowing what tracks were on this mix tape. I knew some…and it led to the purchase of a Perfecto mixtape, and the first track was a revelation, so was the third. Who was this BT?

I then started dj-ing semi pro, cheating on CD (it was 1995!) and I looked high and low for all remixes by BT and having read a review, decided to buy IMA. I wouldn’t be able to mix off it, no matter, I soon wouldn’t be able to stop playing it. Ever since I was little, I was fascinated with 12” mixes of 80’s tracks, Duran Duran, New Order, I loved the sense of having something different and that your favourite track should never end. This new style of epic house was right up my street and Sasha’s Voyage of IMA spawned the interest in creating epic, and I mean epic dj mixes, be they recorded live using decks or sequenced on a laptop.

So here we are 18 years later, though this journey started in earnest early 2009. I had the beginnings of the mix saved somewhere, all IMA material and then had the idea of stitching together more complex BT material using drum loops off one of his EastWestsample CD’s. Once the mix was around 5 hours old I went to share it on the web, but thought better of it. Contacted Lynne/Peach (hi!) who put me in contact with Brian, and I still remember our first conversation over Skype as I sat in my garden shed (where I write this / recorded V_O_BT). Hours. days, months later, even after one instance of releasing it prematurely before the first version went live in 2010, we are February 2013 with an updated 9 hour opus dedicated to the great man himself _BT


Peace out to the 9 9! Send&Return /@sendandreturn / Facebook


 sendandreturn & BT

Mix v8, Voyage of Bt II 2013

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The Complete Voyage of BT II:

13 Angels On My Broken Windowsill
Movement in Still Life
Hip Hop Phenomenon
Fibonnacci Sequence (Remix)
DJ Rap – Bad Girl (BT’s Spoken Progenitor Mix)
BT vs The Doors – Break On Through To The Other Side
Knowledge of Self
Never Gonna Come Back Down (Hybrid’s Breaktek Mix)
Somnambulist (r3volves Countermeasures S&R Edit)
Somnambulist (from Emotional Technology)
BT & Hybrid Running Down The Way Up
Godspeed: S&R Triple Hybrid/Brothers in Rhythm Bill
Paris (from Emotional Technology)
BT & Paul Van Dyk: Forbidden Fruit
The Crystal Method Keep Hope Alive (BT’s Creatine Method Mix)
BT & Paul Van Dyk: Namaste
Giving Up the Ghost
Libra presents Taylor – Calling Your Name (Granny Mix)
Jan Johnston – Calling Your Name (Thrillseekers)
Force of Gravity
Last Moment of Clarity
Tiesto feat BT: Break my Fall
Rose of Jericho (S&S vs Original)
Suddenly (Dave Darrel Mix)
Le Nocturne De Lumiere (Subtle SendandReturn’s Edit)
BT feat Jes – Every Other Way (SendandReturn’s Armin Van Buuren vs BT Rework)
The Ghost In You – WideBandNetwork Mix
Forget Me (Michael Cassette Mix)
Unbreakable – (Grayarea Mix)
Love Can Kill You – (Moonbeam Mix)
Morgan Page ft BT – In The Air
BT & Arty feat Nadia Ali – Must Be The Love
Adam K & BT – Tomahawk
Always – (Andy Moor Remix)
A Million Stars – (Myon & Shane 54)
Armin Van Buuren – Virtual Friend (BT Mix)
Armin Van Buuren feat BT – These Silent Hearts
Flaming June 2012 – (SendandReturn’s BT Rework)
The Emergency – (SendandReturns BinaryFinary Rework)
BT feat JES: The Light In Things (tyDi Mix
Tiesto feat BT: Love Comes Again (SendandReturns Blackwire Hardwell Mix)
BT & Paul Van Dyk feat Jan Johnston: Sunblind
Shame (Way out West Mix)
Remember (Sasha Mix)
Embracing the Sunshine (SendandReturn’s Voyage of _BT Edit)
Nocturnal Transmission
Trippin the Light Fantastic
Loving you More (SendandReturn’s Voyage of _BT Edit)
Mercury & Solace (Shimmon vs Original)
Dreaming (Lucid vs Original)
Grace – Not Over Yet (BT’s Spirit of Grace Mix)
BT feat Tori Amos: Blue Skies (Paul Van Dyk Blauer Himmell Mix)
Depeche Mode : It’s No Good (BT Mix)
Seal: I’m Alive (BT & Sasha Atraxion Future Mix)
The Great Escape (Dave Dresden’s Attention Deficit Mix)
Dark Heart Dawning
WideBandNetwork – Singularity (Album Mix)
All Hail The Silence – Looking Glass
The Internal Locus
All That Makes Us Human
See You On The Other Side
Childhood Montage
Ferris Wheel
Good Morning Kaia
The Gathering Darkness