Paralyzed (Remixes)

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Out on Enhanced Recordings: October 27, 2014


Preview Maor Levi’s Remix
Reinventing the bassline and playfully reworking the vocals, Maor Levi was an obvious choice to breathe a new lease of life into the stunning Original.

Juventa, uses his signature progressive style synths and his heavy drums. He creates a melody that will tear apart any club whilst playfully reworking the vocals to sublime effect.

The Spacies remix marks a greatly uplifting track, with its huge drums, special effects, and bright synths.

T-Mass won the WAVO remix competition for ‘Paralyzed’ with his unique and and extremely addictive take on the track.

WAVO runner up, Swedish producer Joakim Carley turns out a DnB rework of ‘Paralyzed’.

  1. BT feat. Christian Burns – Paralyzed (Maor Levi Remix) [PREVIEW at Enhanced Music]
  2. BT feat. Christian Burns – Paralyzed (Juventa Remix) [PREVIEW at]
  3. BT feat. Christian Burns – Paralyzed (The Spacies Remix)
  4. BT feat. Christian Burns – Paralyzed (T-Mass Remix)
  5. BT feat. Christian Burns – Paralyzed (Joakim Carley Remix)

Out Now: Letting Go Remixes (by DJ LTN and Antillas & Dankann)

“Letting Go” is one savory treat which you don’t want to miss. Powerhouse artists BT, Fractal, and JES come together for a mouth-watering trifecta of sound. The ripe vocals by JES convey bittersweetness while BT’s dulcet harmonies compliment the potent electro puckering of Fractal. Armada’s Antillas & Dankann inject “Letting Go” with an entirely different flavor. The duo offer a succulent progression marked by massive builds and tangy synth stabs.

Jakarta-born LTN tops “Letting Go” with a candy-coating. A dazzling re-imagined progressive melody give JES’s vocals a juicy edge.



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Out Now: Celldweller’s “Unshakeable” (BT & Seamless Remix)

BT and Seamless remix the opening track of Celldweller’s massive 2012 opus Wish Upon A Blackstar. The original album mix of “Unshakeable” trembled the earth with frenetic drumstep breaks, but BTʼs remix will split planets wide with its multi-genre approach. Tandem attacks of drum’n’bass and dubstep leap up out of a trap-flavored electro bed that strains the quantifiable limits of bass.  -FiXT Music



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Super8 & Tab – L.A. (The Remixes)

An instant fan favourite from “Anjunabeats Volume 10”, Super8 & Tab “L.A.” now gets two fresh twists from the established BT and rising star Juventa.

A true legend of the scene, Brian Transeau, aka BT, makes his long overdue Anjunabeats debut with a characteristically leftfield reworking. After yet another breathtaking 12 months that has seen him top the charts with “Skylarking” and “Must Be The Love”, the BT remix of “L.A.” merges electro riffs with an array of inspired electronic sounds. A thoroughly modern interpretation.

Having become a frequent flyer on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy radio show, 18 year old Dutch producer Jordin Post, aka Juventa, makes a return to the label following a three year hiatus. Debuted by A&B at A State Of Trance 600 Miami, Juventa takes a grittier approach, ramping up the energy with a crunching bass and sophisticated key changes.


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