Flaming June (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)

A record which evokes immediate flashbacks of a defining era for dance music, BT’s classic ‘Flaming June’, despite nearing it’s 20th birthday is still a true favourite amongst the scene, and is widely considered to be one of Grammy-nominated producer BT’s finest works. Bringing ‘Flaming June’ bang up-to-date is Progressive stalwart, Ashley Wallbridge, who injects BT’s seminal Original with a bass-heavy helping of Ashley’s trademark energy & drive.

With ‘Flaming June’s’ strong, reminiscent lead melody, Ashley Wallbridge’s ability to pull off a Remix brimming with nostalgia whilst retaining the Original’s groundbreaking emotion & progression is remarkably well executed in a full on Progressive House rendition. Proving to be a lead that matches perfectly with contemporary, big-room techniques, Ashley’s Remix combines a very modern crunching, cavernous bassline with the Original’s delicate, rippling melody to result in a Remix perfectly balanced between peak-time energy and classic euphoria.

Ashley Wallbridge’s modern effort delivers a timely trip down memory lane.

Released: March 4, 2016


BT Flaming June - Ashley Wallbridge Remix

Out Now: Celldweller’s “Unshakeable” (BT & Seamless Remix)

BT and Seamless remix the opening track of Celldweller’s massive 2012 opus Wish Upon A Blackstar. The original album mix of “Unshakeable” trembled the earth with frenetic drumstep breaks, but BTʼs remix will split planets wide with its multi-genre approach. Tandem attacks of drum’n’bass and dubstep leap up out of a trap-flavored electro bed that strains the quantifiable limits of bass.  -FiXT Music



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“Surrounded” Remix Competition Results Announced


We have a winner!! Okay well, 4. There were so many amazing entries to the remix contest, I picked my top 4. Only one of the winners qualifies for the trip to NY, but all 4 tracks will be released with Surrounded. You can listen to the winners here;https://soundcloud.com/bt/sets/remix-competition-winners
Congratulations to Daniel van Sand & Ascent, MK, Tony Awake and Sean Darin. AMAZING job.

Listen to the Runner-ups here; https://soundcloud.com/bt/sets/remix-competition-runnerups

This was so much fun & I appreciate every single remix. I listened to them all. Great job everyone.

Honorable mention goes to Zac Anger. Although you didn’t win, you won for the most effort. Your mixes were very good & because you put so much effort into the contest, I’d like to personally skype with you & maybe I can share some tips.


Remix Competition Winners
Grammy Nominated Composer and Technologist. I am a man that believes sound can change the world. I seek, I learn

Take A Listen:

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