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Electronic Opus // BT & Tommy Tallarico 2015 Electronic Opus combines the talents of multi-platinum EDM recording artist, film composer, and technologist BT and the award-winning composer and Video Games Live creator Tommy Tallarico in a Kickstarter-funded campaign. It was journey no one expected, one that saw 2,177 fans scramble to raise over $250,000 to bring Electronic Opus to life and BT record his greatest hits alongside a full symphony in Prague, all culminating into a knockout, live performance during Miami Music Week in March 2015.

Fourteen beloved BT tracks have been reworked and reimagined into a fantastical exploration of classical arrangements, electronic dance frequencies, and experimental sound editing techniques. Thanks to the dedication and creativity of the production team at TanZ, conductor Eímear Noone, Milk & Honey, Tommy Tallarico, and BT, “Electronic Opus” signifies a shift in the way dance music and EDM will be perceived from here on out.

Featuring vocals with JES and Christian Burns.

Release Date: October 12, 2015


  • Flaming June
  • Simply Being Loved
  • Dreaming
  • The Ferris Wheel (Theme to the Film “Monster”)
  • Love Comes Again
  • The Emergency
  • Suddenly
  • 1.618
  • A Million Stars
  • Skylarking
  • These Silent Hearts
  • Good Morning Kaia
  • Forget Me
  • Satellite

Preview of Dreaming


Paralyzed (Remixes)

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Out on Enhanced Recordings: October 27, 2014


Preview Maor Levi’s Remix
Reinventing the bassline and playfully reworking the vocals, Maor Levi was an obvious choice to breathe a new lease of life into the stunning Original.

Juventa, uses his signature progressive style synths and his heavy drums. He creates a melody that will tear apart any club whilst playfully reworking the vocals to sublime effect.

The Spacies remix marks a greatly uplifting track, with its huge drums, special effects, and bright synths.

T-Mass won the WAVO remix competition for ‘Paralyzed’ with his unique and and extremely addictive take on the track.

WAVO runner up, Swedish producer Joakim Carley turns out a DnB rework of ‘Paralyzed’.

  1. BT feat. Christian Burns – Paralyzed (Maor Levi Remix) [PREVIEW at Enhanced Music]
  2. BT feat. Christian Burns – Paralyzed (Juventa Remix) [PREVIEW at LessThan3.com]
  3. BT feat. Christian Burns – Paralyzed (The Spacies Remix)
  4. BT feat. Christian Burns – Paralyzed (T-Mass Remix)
  5. BT feat. Christian Burns – Paralyzed (Joakim Carley Remix)

5 Minutes With Support Act – All Hail The Silence

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Here’s just one exciting bit from BT and Christian:

What’s happening for you next, when you finish your dates with Erasure?
CB – It’s all really exciting for us at the moment, we are a baby band but we have big plans. We are putting the finishing touches to our first album. I am also working on some new collaborations in the EDM world, and have a few big tracks coming out in the next few months.
BT – I just finished scoring the new Anthony Hopkins thriller ‘Solace’ and will be starting a top secret project with Disney. I am also working on an orchestral retrospective of my work that we will be announcing very soon (Nov 19th to be specific!). Finally I’m working on some new software and hardware creations to follow my work with iZotope (BreakTweaker and Stutter Edit).