#ASAW Tour and New Event Dates Announced

Currently scheduled event dates. Follow BT on BandsinTown for event notifications and contact for booking and press requests.

Date Venue Location
Aug 02 Las Vegas, NV
Aug 03 Scottsdale, AZ
Aug 04 Dallas, TX
Aug 10 Portland, OR
Aug 16 Pontiac, MI
Aug 17 New York, NY
Aug 31 Denver, CO
Sep 07 Calgary, Canada
Sep 26 Orlando, FL
Sep 29 Fairburn, GA
Nov 09 Austin, TX
Nov 22 Santa Ana, CA

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Date Venue Location
Jun 07 San Francisco, CA

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Jun 08 San Diego, CA
Jul 06 Houston, TX
Jul 20 Charlotte, NC
Aug 16 Pontiac, MI
Sep 29 Fairburn, GA